Care & Policies

Baby lying on a white shag rug

Creative Accents manufactures fine handmade area rugs in the United States using both high quality wool and nylon yarn. The suggestions which follow for keeping your area rug looking beautiful apply whether your rug is made from nylon or wool face yarn. First of all, we cannot over-stress the wisdom of a regular cleaning program. If you wait until the soiling is noticeable the dirt may have worked its way from the surface down to the base of the rug where it will be harder to remove. For light to medium traffic areas, proper vacuuming once a day for places which receive high traffic will help reduce soiling and keep your area rugs looking like new.

Vacuuming Tips

Short Cut Pile & Loop Pile Area Rugs

Adjust the beater bar so it is rotating when in contact with the area rug. A worn belt will reduce the vacuum's effectiveness, so make sure the belt is fairly new. Adjust the height of the beater bar so that it lightly touches the pile of the area rug without slowing the vacuum motor down. Check the vacuum bag often. Vacuums clean less efficiently when the bag is over half full.

Gh, Gx Series 1 3/4 inch pile

Use a standard vacuum cleaner set at the highest setting with the rotor off to vacuum this series of low shags.

FX Series, 2 to 4 inch pile

Use a standard vacuum cleaner set at the highest setting with the rotor off. If space permits, remove everything from the rug service and turn the area rug upside down. Giving each corner a good shake does wonders to freshen up the look of our long pile rugs.

LX, LFX Series, 4 to 6 inch pile

You must use a vacuum attachment to clean these area rugs. A shop vacuum works well as does the shaking method described above.

Spot Removal

Basic Strategy

When anything is dropped or spilled, the quicker you can respond with proper cleaning, the better. It will take a little time and patience to do the job correctly, so be prepared to respond quickly but patiently to the task of removing a spill or spot. If possible, use a professional cleaner familiar with cleaning fine area rugs

A few notes about wool

Rugs with wool face yarn require extra care to remove spots or spills. Don't use excessive agitation or heat, and avoid "Oxygen" type cleaners. These are cleaners which form oxygen, hydrogen and soda ash when mixed with water. Although fine for synthetic fibers, they are too harsh for a natural wool fiber.

Blot, don't scrub, do not rub, blot, don't scrub, just blot...

You get the idea. Scrubbing works the spill into the pile while harming the face yarn. Although true for both nylon and wool, it is especially the case with wool face yarn which will mat up if over agitated.


Wrinkling: The risks of placing our rugs on wall to wall carpet

Whenever an area rug is placed between a soft surface, such as wall to wall carpet, and a hard or heavy object, such as a coffee table or couch, wrinkling inevitably occurs. In most cases the area rug will wrinkle from one or both edges towards the center eventually forming permanent creases or "wrinkles". This is not a defect and will not be replaced. This is a law of physics and not something we can prevent.

Wrinkling: The risks of placing our rugs on wall to wall carpet cont.

We do not recommend the placement of an area rug on top of wall to wall carpeting. However, if you decide to do so, there are rug to rug pads which can minimize the wrinkle effect in some cases, but it is almost impossible to prevent entirely.


For the first several months, a new area rug will experience some shedding of fiber. You might vacuum the carpet and notice the entire bag filled with this fiber. This should cause no concern as it is a normal occurrence and is to be expected. Loose fibers, which are not held tightly by the yarn, are being removed. The amount of fiber removed will decrease with each vacuuming and finally be very minimal. Shedding will be especially noticeable in the areas of highest traffic. This is normal and is not a manufacturing defect.


All dyestuffs used by Creative Accents are of the highest quality. However, no area rug is fade proof. Depending on the amount of exposure to sunlight, all colors will fade. In addition to sunlight, gasses in the air will cause colors to fade. We call this ozone fading, and it is especially noticeable to our friends in Hawaii and Florida. Ozone fading is not something we can control; it is inevitable and is not a manufacturing defect.

Shading or Watermarking

Shading or watermarking occurs in almost all cut pile area rugs. This is caused by a slight directional change in the pile and causes the light to reflect differently on the surface. This effect is similar to that of velvet fabrics. Shading or watermarking is an inherent characteristic of all cut pile carpets and is not a manufacturing defect.


Sprouting occurs when small tufts of loose yarn pop up or extend above the surface of the pile. The first thing to do is make sure the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner is not set too low. If you notice a loose loop or part of a loop pile or detail sticking above the surface of the pile, Do not yank it! Some of the loops will work loose. This is normal and not a defect. Simply cut the loop level with the surface of the pile.

Pile Crush

Indentations develop when furniture sits on a carpet for a long period of time. In most cases they can be taken out by rubbing over the depressed area with the edge of a coin or gently moistening the area with steam from a steam iron and then brushing the affected area.

Hand made rugs, normal irregularities

Creative Accents Area Rugs are made by hand, one at a time. As such, no two products will ever be exactly identical. Slight variations are an inherent characteristic of hand made products and reflect the quality of craftsmanship, not defects.

Dye Lot Variation

We operate our own dye plant and adhere to strict standards of color matching in our lab. Although we maintain close tolerances to our standard colors, slight variances from dye lot to dye lot will occur and are nearly impossible to eliminate. Normal variances are to be expected and will not be considered a manufacturing defect.

Return Policy

Having covered all the normal situations which can cause concern but are actually normal to expect, we know that sometimes a real problem can slip through our quality control process.

First of all, let us know as soon as possible. In any event, if there is a noticeable defect, you must let us know within 30 days of receiving the product. We will send a representative out to inspect the rug. The rug will only be inspected at the place of purchase.

If there is any question after the initial inspection, we will arrange a pickup with our shipping carrier. Also, should a return become necessary, the rug must be shipped in its original packaging. If the original shipping package is no longer available, we will send replacement material for your use.

Any shipping damage incurred from improper packaging will void the 30 day warranty. In any event, never fold, box or otherwise improperly package a creative accents area rug. With over forty years of experience shipping our products, we know how to get them to you without damage. Area rugs must be returned to us in the same manner in which they were shipped to you. If you have any questions, call us.

Warranty Exception: Improper Placement of an Area Rug

Our area rugs are designed to be placed on hard surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, etc. We do not recommend that they be placed between carpet and heavy furniture. This will create a problem known as "wrinkling" which is explained in the basics section of care and feeding. We will not warranty problems such as wrinkling, creeping or creasing caused by improper use of your area rug.

Warranty Exception: Freight Damage

Look for visible freight damage when your area rug arrives. All products with visible freight damage must be refused by the customer. The shipping carrier will automatically return the rug to Creative Accents and a damage claim will be filed. If previously undetected damage is discovered once the rug is removed from its packaging, the damage must be reported to Creative Accents within 5 business days. The rug will not be covered under warranty if the damage is not reported within 5 days.

Warranty Exception: Improper Removal of Packaging

Cut both ends of the plastic package with scissors and pull the area rug out. If you have to cut the body of the packaging, make sure your scissors do not come in contact with the backing of the area rug. We do not advise the use of a utility knife or box opener as they can slit the backing when used by a careless opener. We will not warranty cuts in the backing or binding of a rug caused by careless packaging removal. We will not warranty cuts in the backing or binding of a rug caused by careless packaging removal.