About Us

Ken Hensler

Ken Hensler - Founder, Circa 1967

Mike Hensler

Mike Hensler - CEO

For almost 50 years and 3 generations my family has been handcrafting custom area rugs. The family tradition began when my father, Ken Hensler, began putting his creative vision to use with my mother’s sewing machine crafting what became one of the worlds first "Shag" rugs in the early 1960’s.

While working in the floor covering industry, my father noticed a distinct lack of choice available when it came to finding an area rug. To have a design made to your choice in color or size was both expensive and very time consuming. Being an inspired entrepreneur as well as a good designer he thought "Why not start a business which allows someone to custom order a well designed area rug in the size,color and shape of their choice and receive it in a reasonable amount of time?"

Why not indeed. Twenty years later I began taking a larger role in the family tradition I had been raised in. To the greatest extent possible I have tried to do justice to my fathers vision, working steadily to improve our style offerings, keeping our color palette fresh and expanding our ability to make our products in any shape you, our customer, can dream up.

I have been enormously helped over the last eleven or twelve years by a truly amazing addition to the family tradition in the person of Ryan Beauchamp, my daughter Katie’s husband. Who could have imagined that inside this once aspiring professional rodeo cowboy was the creative and business solution to what so many companies lucky enough to survive the first two generations face when looking at the third generation.

We look forward to the next fifty years when the fourth and fifth generations of our family will be able to say proudly, " For almost a hundred years our family has been handcrafting area rugs."